How to Lose Weight By Healthy Food


Hey all, I was wondering if eating healthy makes you lose weight faster than just eating whatever but still eating at your daily calorie intake? BTW I do eat healthy, it’s just people that I know said it doesn’t matter as long as you meet your daily calorie intake.

  • Weight loss is just a matter of calories in vs calories out.  However, good nutrition is really important for your general health.
  • Healthy foods can be high or low calories – olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds are high calorie and loaded with great nutrition.  Vegetables, fruits and lean meats have fewer calories and are loaded with nutrition.  Same goes for whole grains and legumes.  That means you can combine healthy foods to meet any calorie goal you have.
  • Do some reading about balanced diet and good nutrition – your body will thank you.  There’s lots of information in the CC Advice section, so get busy.

I think so, but probably not for the reasons you would assume.

What I have found is that if you are truly accountable to your food diary…and by that I mean you are measuring 4oz of meat before you log it and not just eyeballing it and “calling it close”…you are totally honest about what you are eating and drinking.  And in doing this, you are staying at your weight-loss calorie level, then you will see better results.

The reason I had found this to be the case is that if you are eating the “right” foods, and by that I mean ones that are filling yet within your calorie budget, you will be satiated and not be prone to feelings of hunger or temptations to binge.

For example – I could eat a slice of cheesecake for lunch.  It’s 400 or so calories, right?  That’s not going to fill me up until dinner.  However, if I measure out 2oz of lean ground beef, add 1/2 cup of black beans, and a flat-out tortilla, I’ve got a burrito the size of the ones they serve at chipotle/qdoba and it’s 300 calories.  I can add a banana and be at the same calories as that piece of cheesecake, but I will be full all afternoon.

If you stick to the calorie goal but eat junk, then you’ll be starving by the afternoon without any calories left to use.

If you aren’t honest with your calorie log, then you won’t accomplish your goal – you’ll either eat too much and not lose, or undereat and risk your health further.


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