hair problem solution By coconuts Oil

Hair loss is a very common aesthetic issue in our society, as it is a big part of personal appearance. Normally around 50 strands of hair drop each day. Anything beyond that is considered hair loss. Many factors can lead to hair loss, and that include the use of inappropriate hair care products, stress, malnutrition and hormonal issues.

Dandruff is commonly misperceived as occurring due to lack of good personal hygiene. The fact is the humid tropical weather here contributes to the occurrence of dandruff. The main culprit for most dandruff is yeast from the Malassezia family. They stay on the human scalp, surviving on the oil secreted by glands. They usually do not affect any body function, but if the yeast multiplies and thrives, their acidic metabolic waste will accumulate and irritate the scalp. The scalp gets inflamed and skin tissue starts to peel off.

We all know the goodness of coconut oil, our dadis and nanis and other elders often tell us to use coconut oil for any and all skin and hair problems…. but the problem till now was purity. Every product that claims to be pure coconut oil fails to stand up to our expectation ( in my case my dadi’s expectation ) After using every oil all she says is in our days we use to get things pure … koi milawat nhi hoti thi…. kya zamana aa gaya hai..
Some 20 days back I received BodyShop rainforest coconut hair oil that again claimed to be pure …. yes virgin coconut oil, they claimed it to be… and my dadi has been using Body Shop’s Rain forest coconut hair oil for last 20 days. And I feel glad to write its review 🙂


“We all know the goodness of coconut oil, but now is the time to know the goodness of virgin coconut oil”, says Diya Mirza, brand ambassador of BodyShop while unveiling new product of Body Shop; Rain forest Coconut Hair Oil.
This luxurious hair oil provides nourishment for all hair types. It contain organic pracaxi oil and community fair trade organic virgin coconut oil.It does not contain any silicones or colourants.
Quantity : 200ml.
Price : 675/-.
Availability : easily available at any body shop outlet, also available online.
Product claim : with regular use this luxurious, nourishing oil leaves hair feeling stronger, smoother and softer.
With medium consistency applying becomes easy ….. its USP according to me would be its amazing soothing fragrance, like pure sweet coconut oil… don’t worry it won’t give you headache, its fragrance is mild not strong…. mild and soothing it is.
It gets completely absorbed in your hair and as a result no pillow stains……yes no pillow stains!!!! and your pillow does not smell like oil after you wake up 🙂





For best results apply warm oil, that is after heating it a bit.
According to me oiling is one solution to any hair problem one has….. I oil my hair like thrice a week or whenever I am to take head bath, a night prior to that day I oil my hair from root to tip and wash the next day.
Over night oil treatment works best for me…. but for people having oily skin or having acne problem I would not suggest overnight oiling.
Any which way Body shop’s Rainforest coconut hair oil gave very me good results, no chip chip 😉 , amazing fragrance, no pillow stains, smooth hair after wash….. and one more thing, it makes my hair looks straighter..

I might sound silly to you but really it made my hair look straighter, it gave my hair kind of bounce for which I have to  use conditioner and sprays. I might get superstitious here but seriously according to me it makes me


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